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觀光發展 1993
Comprehensive Tourism Development Plan 1993
Hua-Lien County, on the eastern coast of Taiwan, has been slow in development. Yet this lack of development may have preserved precious environmental qualities conducive to tourism development.

委託單位:花蓮縣政府/計畫主持人:劉可強/專案負責人:王應棠/工作人員:黃千秀, 蘇麗玉, 高樹仁, 張興傑, 陳永能
Client: Hua-lien County Government/Project Principal: John K. C. Liu/Project Manager: Ying-tang Wang/Planners: Chien-hsiu Huang, Li-yu Su, Shu-J’en Kao, Hsing-Chieh Chang, Yung-lung Chen

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Up to now, tourism in Hua-lien has been limited to certain points of interest, much of the natural and cultural resources has yet to be integrated. At the same time, tourism in recent years has begun to focus on qualitative concerns with an increasing interest in the demand for “alternative tourism” which provides balanced, in depth, and sustainable modes of relating to local cultures and environments.

In this context, this planning effort is focused on the following two gaols:
1. The development and future management of tourism
The county administration to play a key role in cross department coordination and integration, and to provide support and leadership to assist private sector tourism enterprises in order to fully develop the existing resources. The development of tourism resources.
2. The development of future management of tourism.
a. Areas and points of interest to be inter-connected into a network system. The connecting spine would be the central valley with Taroko National Park to the North, Yu-Shan National Park to the South, and the East Coast National Science Area to the east.
b. Locally initiated product oriented tourism including specialized farming, fishing, minerals, and in conjunction with the development of local cultural products of the native peoples.
c. Development of local recreation and leisure facilities to provide an integrated system for tourists and local residents.

To reach these goals, this project engaged in an intensive series of workshops with an expert panel of local leaders In various fields of tourism related activities Through this process, an overall framework for tourism development was generated which includes a major component of an ” alternative tourism ” plan. The project also outlines an implementation program to incrementally carry out the plan.

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出處:東海岸 第211期

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出處:東海岸 第215期

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